Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness
1916 Skibo Rd B3
FayettevilleNC 28314
 (910) 867-6199

Reviews Of Planet Fitness

4.72 889 Reviews
Edwin Puerto Rico
Feb 23, 2018

Short Round Boykin
Feb 21, 2018

This place is awesome! No judgments No critics! Just everybody getting their work in...The staff her is great and always willing to help

Linda Miller
Feb 20, 2018

Patricia Peña
Feb 20, 2018

I guess you get what you pay for. Its ridiculous to be in midst of your work out and look up and all you see is a female with an extremely revealing sports bra. Its one thing to be comfortable in your skin, but respect those around you. Dress code is not at all enforced. The staff are to young and inexperienced in fitness.

Nicole E Bryant
Feb 19, 2018

Really nice facility. Up to date equipment. Definitely in my top three list of locations. I only gave a four star review because of the staff. I witnessed an associate state loudly, the state of another customers account being delinquent. There’s something to be said to the level of customer service needed to work in an area where payment is required for use of the facility. I assume only because the associate was a teen that she may have lacked the development to deliver such a message to a customer. I will return for the equipment only. Staffing needs a sensitivity training as well as overall customer relations refresh.

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